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Tuyển PhD về dược động lực học thuốc trị bệnh lây qua đường tình dục tại Melbourne, Úc
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Seeking PhD student for 2020 to examine how drug pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics can improve treatment outcomes for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly for current/emerging treatments for oral gonorrhoea. This project will examine pharmacologically active (unbound) drug in samples such as blood, saliva and gingival cericular fluid. (2) Validate use of dried blood spots to measure blood levels vs invasive venepuncture (3) Understand the impact of pH (saliva and oral tissue)(4) Mathematically model intracellular concentrations (5) model the interaction between the bacteria and human host. This is a collaboration led by the University of Melbourne with the WHO, Monash University, Doherty Institute, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, University of Sydney and University of Queensland. A scholarship for 3.5 years is available
Candidates ideally have 
·         Some pharmacokinetic knowledge - clinical pharmacist is ideal but not essential
·         Have a strong interest in infectious diseases. STI interest would be a bonus
·         Have undertaken some formal research in the past – preferably have published

Please contact Dr Fabian Kong for further details 
Kongf at
Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health